At Rooted Connections, our partnership brings you more than just a service – it brings you a unique perspective that stems from our deep involvement in the interpreting profession and our lifetime experiences as Deaf consumers ourselves. We understand firsthand the difference between receiving high-quality versus low-quality American Sign Language interpreting services, and we know where the industry disconnects lie.

As a social enterprise, our commitment goes beyond just providing a service; we believe in a holistic approach that advances and leads the industry standards toward true equality and equitable access for everyone involved. Our dedication to an innovative and equitable approach in sign language services sets us apart. We understand that the lack of a genuine connection between Deaf and hearing consumers can hinder effective communication.

Unlike conventional standards that were often created without direct input from the Deaf community, our approach prioritizes the voices and needs of our Deaf consumers. We understand the frustration of merely accepting interpreters placed in front of you without transparency or understanding. That’s why we ensure our interpreters not only meet professional standards but also earn the trust and respect of our Deaf consumers.

At Rooted Connections, we remember and honor the roots of our profession – the Deaf community. Our partnership strives to create a true connection, where communication is seamless, and trust is nurtured. Together, we aim to redefine the interpreting experience, setting new industry standards that embrace equality, respect, and genuine understanding for all.

So, what makes us different?

At Rooted Connections, we embrace our strong, bold, and passionate beliefs, fueled by our determination to make a difference. We refuse to accept the status quo of the past and present. Rather than perpetuating old problems, we focus on creating solutions that truly enhance accessible communications.

As the world evolves, so do we. We are committed to continuous improvement, pushing boundaries, and redefining the norms. Our dedication to progress drives us to deliver unique value in our partnerships. With us, you can expect a forward-thinking approach that challenges the conventional and embraces innovation. Together, we’ll keep evolving, ensuring a brighter future for accessible communication.

We believe in...

Industry accountability

which is critical to the advancement of Deaf people when they have accessible communications. As Deaf Interpreters, we experience frustration and lack of understanding on both sides of the interpretation process. Frankly...hearing interpreters need to do more. Agencies need to do more. Deaf and hearing consumers need to understand more. We aim to provide education and consulting to all communities.

Not Using common Buzz Words

to gain business like most agencies do. For example, we often see agencies using words like “Deaf centered” (when agencies are NOT owned and run by DEAF folks), “Deaf heart,” “vulnerable populations,” “low costs/rates” with the implication that interpreting quality won’t be affected. We vow to speak the TRUTH and not waver in our commitment to push for true equity in accessible communications everywhere.

deaf consumer engagement

because we know that it takes EVERYONE to achieve effective communication. We cannot emphasize how critical it is to have the Deaf consumers be directly engaged throughout the entire language facilitation process from the time of request to after the completed provision of our services.

A holistic approach

by having our Deaf and hearing consumers take full part in the communication processes from start to finish in addition to recognizing the value of our interpreters. We strive to have all parties recognize their part in making genuine connections instead of having interpreters simply function as the intermediaries.

Truth be told…we know that the problems still exist and we just canNOT wait for someone else to fix them.

Bottom line…

We are not just interpreters (and agency owners). 

We are also change agents.

Our Story

Our origin is deeply rooted in our personal journeys as individuals who grew up Deaf, coming from diverse educational and family backgrounds. We have experienced firsthand the impact of language deprivation, both within ourselves and among our family members and peers. As Deaf individuals, we became unintentional language facilitators, bridging the communication gaps for our loved ones.

These experiences fueled our passion to become professional Deaf Interpreters, driven by a shared mission to address the widespread issue of language deprivation in Deaf communities worldwide. The staggering fact that 98% of deaf children in the United States lack access to American Sign Language in K-12 education underscores the urgency of our cause.

With deep roots in the Deaf community, we intimately understand the far-reaching effects of language deprivation. We have witnessed how it hinders human connections for deaf individuals, both children, and adults alike. Our collective experiences have shaped our work across various sectors, from academia to non-profits, private industries, and government.

As we connected and collaborated as Deaf Interpreters, we recognized the crucial role that agencies play in perpetuating this epidemic. It was this realization that brought us together, united in our determination to put an end to language deprivation. We knew that by joining forces, we could redefine the standards of interpreting agencies, delivering true language access and empowerment.

Thus, Rooted Connections was born. Our purpose is to break the mold of traditional interpreting agencies, paving the way for a new era of language access that embraces inclusivity and genuine understanding. Our unique value proposition lies in our authentic connection to the Deaf community, and our unwavering commitment to eradicating language deprivation. Together, we stand as a superb team, ready to make a transformative impact and foster true language access for all.


We want to redefine the optimal interpreting experience, empowering Deaf and DeafBlind individuals to shape what effective communication means to them. We believe in an equitable approach, where our consumers play an active role in the accommodation process, from start to finish. It is their right to choose to receive Deaf interpreting services whenever and wherever they need language access.

Unlike conventional language agencies that often prioritize profits over quality, we take a different approach. We value our consumers and interpreters as human beings, not just walking dollar signs. Our interpreters, whether Deaf or Hearing, are not merely ‘warm bodies’ providing services – they are essential participants in building genuine human connections.

At Rooted Connections, we deeply CARE about our consumers and interpreters, recognizing the vital role they play in developing and sustaining meaningful connections beyond the interpreting job. We view the interpreting experience as a collective effort that involves everyone to foster authentic communication.

Our commitment to staying ROOTED is our standard, our vision. We are dedicated to promoting true language access, where transparency, respect, and understanding are at the core of every interaction. With us, effective communication is not just a goal; it is a shared journey toward building lasting connections that transcend barriers.

Join us at Rooted Connections, where our mission is rooted in genuine care and our vision is centered on forging meaningful connections through language access.